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Our vision is to provide the tool of boxing to our members to help you overcome any challenge you may face.

We firmly believe everyone is already a fighter. Whether it’s finances, depression, injury, illness, or obstacles towards goals: we are all fighting something. 


Boxing and strength training can help you develop a stronger mindset, improve your physical abilities, and give you the tools to take control of and change your life forever! Expand your mind on what you thought you could do, and experience the start of your new journey towards progress today.


We’re in your corner! Contact us for your complimentary first class.


Knuckle Up joined the downtown Raleigh community in 2019.

We’re located at 714 N West Street in downtown Raleigh, NC. Find us in the big red building just off of Peace St near Glenwood Ave. We have free parking on-site for members and our facilities offer both a 24-hour fitness center and boxing gym.

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