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Our one-on-one personal training options are guaranteed to expand your boxing arsenal, improve your athletic performance, and increase your fitness level.

We create a workout and process that is specifically tailored to your own personal needs and goals. Our expert trainers will teach you real boxing and kickboxing techniques and maneuvers using focus mitts and pads. We’ll use a wide variety of drills that never become monotonous to improve your muscle memory and strengthen your form. 

We’re in your corner! Contact us to set up your first session with one of the best trainers that Raleigh has to offer! 

Level 1 PT 1 x week 
Level 1 PT 2 x week

Level 2 PT 1 x week
Level 2 PT 2 x week

Level 3 PT 1 x week
Level 3 PT 2 x week

Partner or Small Group Training

Do you have a workout partner or someone that you’re setting a goal with? Is there a group of friends or coworkers that you want to work out with for your training sessions? We have an option for that! 


We offer discounted sessions on a per person basis for partner and small group training. Our expert trainers will lead you and your group members through kickboxing and boxing drills with individualized plans to meet the needs of your group.


We love this option for you to get the individualized attention of personal training and the camaraderie of group training mixed together. 

Contact us to set up your first partner or group session!


Our team is composed of expert coaches to aid you in your fitness journey. Our trainers offer group fitness classes, personal training, and partner/small group training sessions. 

Boxing Classes Raleigh, NC

Meet the Trainers

"If you’re confident in the ring, nothing can stop you. I make everybody dangerous."
Ariel Lopez Headshot 3_edited.jpg

Coach Lopez

Head Coach Ariel Lopez started boxing when he was 15 years old and also has a background in Brazilian jiujitsu and judo. He was in the US Army for six years as a military policeman, where he went through and eventually trained others in military combative training. After his first deployment, Coach Lopez trained with Najee Shaheed, a former professional heavyweight boxer. 


Coach Lopez is a firm believer that people need the right tools and right mentors to lead them to success. Having anxiety himself, Coach Lopez thinks that boxing and fitness is therapeutic; once you start getting better and accomplishing your goals with fitness, the benefits make their way throughout your whole life. If you’re confident in the ring, nothing can stop you reaching your goals.


In his free time, Coach Lopez enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids, hiking, and watching anime. He’s a self-proclaimed “HUGE nerd” and loves anything dystopian or zombie. One of his favorite things about Knuckle Up is the camaraderie and community he struggled to find anywhere else in civilian life.

Coach Lopez is currently accepting new personal training clients.


Contact us to get more info and start your fitness journey with Knuckle Up Gyms.

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Personal Training Contact Form

Tatiana P.

I have been coming here for about 2 years and I love it, I’m in the best physical shape I’ve ever been in. I do all my personal training with Coach Lopez. He’s very invested in your development and a great teacher. I’ve definitely leveled up my boxing skills thanks to his coaching!


Roxane K.

Best gym ever. By no means am I an athlete. In fact, I'm the exact opposite -- the kinda person who trips on thin air. I just really love boxing.

This gym is so welcoming and I've never once felt uncomfortable or embarrassed at my lack of skill. I've only ever felt supported and encouraged. Coach Victor is super patient and explains technique in a way I can understand. With his support I'm getting better every week.


Bien S.

Great coaches. Awesome people. Inspiring environment. Randy is a professor of the science that is boxing. Go to this place if you want to improve your physical and mental state.

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