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Gym Etiquette

Please review the following gym etiquette and keep these guidelines in mind as you visit the Knuckle Up Gyms facilities:

  • Boxing equipment is not available for usage when classes are in session. Please be respectful of class members and coaches during these times.

  • No sparring without a coach’s direct supervision. If you would like to spar, please attend our Thursday sparring class or book a partner/small group training session. Please contact us for more information if you’re interested in sparring. 

  • Anybody participating in sparring MUST be registered with USA Boxing. Your registration helps protect you and the gym in case of injury. Please register here. Registering does not obligate you to compete. The gyms does not receive any proceeds from USA boxing. This is simply to protect you and the club.

  • Please maintain good hygiene. This not only includes showering, wearing deodorant, etc., but also the hygiene of your personal equipment. Please wash your hand wraps regularly (at least 1-2 times per week) and regularly wipe down your gloves. Allow your equipment to dry out thoroughly when sweaty. 

  • Clean up after yourself in the facility. Put equipment back where you found it, wipe down machines after use, etc.

  • If it’s not yours, don’t use it or ask to use it. Equipment in the coaches’ corner or marked as private is not available for public use. Knuckle Up equipment should never leave the gym.

  • No pets allowed in the gym. Please talk to our front staff if you require a service animal with you during your workout.

  • Children under 12-years-old are not allowed in the fitness center. All children under 12 must remain in the boxing arena during classes.

  • One parent or legal guardian must stay on-site during your child’s boxing class. We have stools and a couches available in the boxing club and front room. You are also welcome to work out in our fitness center with a gym membership. Speak with our staff to learn about any current promotions.


Please note: we provide hand wraps and gloves for your first complimentary session. Beyond your first session, you will need to purchase your own hand wraps and gloves. We have these items for sale at the front desk. Please speak to a coach or staff member to purchase equipment.


  • Boxing Fundamentals Workout
    Boxing Fundamentals/Workout: Fundamental Boxing Class is for all levels from beginner to advanced! You will learn the basics before your first class, then each class following is always based off those same fundamentals. Each class will be focused on only one or two new techniques per day, so you're able to learn and retain information, and train at your own pace! Our coaches and trainers give step by step instruction and explanations, and continue to move through and help each person through drills during class. Through a structured and planned system, you will learn REAL boxing, get a great workout, and have fun! Whether you're looking for a workout, technique improvement, or to compete, these classes are for you!
  • Advanced Boxing
    Advanced Boxing : "In advanced boxing you will learn more strategy and specifics based off the fundamental techniques you are learning in the Fundamental Boxing classes. A minimum of 3 months of regular Fundamental class attendance, and a firm understanding of basic techniques is required. Approval finalized through Head Coach or Knuckle Up Training Manager"
  • Tech Tuesday
    Skill Level: Adult Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced *You must be a Knuckle Up Member, no drop-in classes Discounted Mitt Work for only $10 per class During Tech Tuesday, students practice mitt work, focusing on individual technique. Coaches rotate throughout the class to provide specific, one-on-one instruction that helps students improve their form and abilities.
  • Technical Sparring
    Technique Sparring: In Technique Sparring, you learn how to use the techniques you've learned in class, on another person. This is taught at a controlled pace, for a low risk environment to learn. This is something everyone can do! All levels work together, and advanced levels have opportunities to work together at higher intensity under coaches supervision. A minimum of 3 months of regular Fundamental Boxing class attendance, and at least one month of Advanced Boxing class is required. Must be approved by Head Coach or Knuckle Up Training Manager Proper sparring equipment: Head gear Mouthpiece 16oz sparring gloves (DO NOT USE ON BAGS OR MITTS) USA Boxing registered (Does not obligate you to compete, Knuckle Up collects no proceeds from USA Boxing) Boxing shoes
  • Strength & Conditioning Training
    Strength Class: In Strength class you will learn the fundamental movements and techniques for functional motion and base weight training exercises This class will give you knowledge on equipment usage, exercise routines and regiments, and how to reach the physical fitness goals you're seeking! This class is for all levels!
  • Mobility Class Description
    Mobility Class: Mobility classes are the "glue" to our program. In order to do all the movements we enjoy, we need to be able to move! In Mobility class you will work on flexibility, reinforced strengthening in functional movements, active and passive stretching, and increasing range of motion!
  • Kids Boxing Class
    Kids Boxing: Knuckle Up Kids Boxing classes are for ages 4-13These classes are based off real boxing fundamentals, with the focus being personal development We offer competition and training programs for kids, with our main focus being to teach each child how to fight through life Using Boxing training as the tool, your child can learn life skills such as: Self Confidence Discipline Critical Thinking Empathy Teamwork Self Defense Ambition
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