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The structure for providing training is either through Group Fitness Classes, Personal Training, or Partner/Small Group Training, all six days a week Monday - Saturday.  Regardless of which option you choose, you will be provided with real knowledge of the “sweet science” that is applicable in a boxing ring, or in self-defense.



Come in and try your first group class complimentary, and all skill levels are welcome!  Our method for each class is ensuring to teach you real boxing and kickboxing techniques and concepts!  Each class you will learn at least one new concept, and continue to build on others, continuously expanding your arsenal!  Through this process, you will go through the most efficient, and exciting workout of your life! We invite you to train like a fighter, without having to actually fight anybody!

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Our one on one personal training options are guaranteed to excel your boxing arsenal, athletic performance, and fitness level.  We are able to meticulously create a workout and process that is specifically tailored to your own personal needs and goals. Our expert trainers will teach you real boxing and kickboxing techniques and maneuvers using focus mitts and pads, as well as a wide variety of drills that never become monotonous.  Contact us to set up your first session with one of the best trainers that Raleigh has to offer!



If you have a workout partner, or someone that you’re setting a goal with, or a group of friends or coworkers that you want to work out with for your training sessions?  We have an option for that! We offer discounted sessions on a per person bases for each session for partner and small group training! You get the benefit of personal training and group training mixed together!  Contact us to set up your first partner or group session!

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Knuckle Up also holds Self Defense Seminars in partnership with Regional Proving Grounds, led by Michael Macario, Senior Training Officer for the Raleigh Police Department.  These Self Defense Seminars are different from any other that you’ve seen. 


What separates these courses from the rest is that we will: 


-Teach you proven techniques that are shown to Law Enforcement Officers 

-Walk you through the mental stages of preparation before a physical confrontation, management during, and after

-Provide you the legal information you need to know in reference to self-defense such as, when can you act?  How can you react? How do you handle the report after an incident? Among many other important legal factors 

-We guarantee to take our time to ensure you have full comprehension of these techniques


call or text us with any questions.

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